Tuesday, April 11, 2006

PIZZA-MOVIE: Zev’s Saturday Nights and the Blogger Convention 2

by singerz

Hello. How are you. I’m good.

Today I will write about Saturday night activities, and why I choose to, as the old saying goes, “PIZZA-MOVIE” most of the time. I get mocked for choosing the pizza-movie lifestyle, but I will prove, using biblical and archeological sources, why I am correct.

The average Saturday night goes like this: Make plans to go out…some party where I’ll only have fun if I’m either a) extremely drunk so I don’t care what I do or say, or b) pretending to be extremely drunk so I can pretend that I don’t care what I do or say or c) the party takes place at the playboy mansion (hasn’t happened yet, Hugh keeps telling me my invitation is getting lost in the mail).

I get hungry, so I order pizza before I go out. As I happen to have an extremely weak stomach, I get a stomach-ache after eating the pizza (its weird, people keep telling me that its not the weak stomach but the 6 slices…naaaaa, it’s the weak stomach). Since it hurts, I try to cancel my plans and stay in instead: “Guys, lets just get a movie”, which really means: “I have terrible gas, go to the party without me.”

As a side note, unbeknownst to many, a good way to relieve stomach pains is to use a hot water bottle and hold it on your stomach. I’m telling you this works. You think I’m a homo for doing this? Well my friends, I’m a homo whose stomach feels a little bit better than it did before, so screw you (not literally, I’m not really a homo).

I forget where I was going with the rest of this Saturday night story, but anyway this past week was something unique since there was actually a blogger’s convention in Baltimore. Below are some of the highlights from the bowling event Saturday night:

The bloggers are popular with the girls…at least the girls who we lie to and tell them we are rich and succesful and have passed the bar:

Mink thinks hes funny when he lays down on the floor. He learns his lesson and realizes its not particularly “funny” when someone throws a bowling ball and it crushes his crotch:

The bloggers licking a bowling ball. Not sure why. Something to do with beer:

Mink gets implants. Zev trying to see if they are real. Turns out, they’re real and they’re spectacular:


Anonymous Zev's Stomach said...

Enough of the abuse, I just can't take it anymore.

2:30 PM  
Anonymous tzach said...

"Homo", Zev? Come on man...are you still in college?

7:54 PM  
Anonymous O's fan said...

Mink, you should wear a bra with those things, you could hurt someone.

1:08 PM  
Blogger The Fades said...

i just saw kingpin for the first time and it is a good movie.

9:52 PM  
Blogger Kate said...

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9:38 AM  
Blogger SINGERZ said...

Kate, I am sorry to tell you that there are no nude swingers on this blog (unless you include the picture of me and Mink in bed). or maybe "Nude Singers" is what you were referring to. Either way, if you are in fact a real person, please keep at least 100 yards away from The Garbage Dump.

8:18 PM  
Blogger Chaya said...

No nude swingers? aww, what a disappointment... ha ha
Funny pics..nice implants

11:21 PM  
Blogger whoami123 said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

4:12 PM  

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