Thursday, December 07, 2006

The Dump's Anniversary Reading List

by singerz

Many of you said we wouldn’t make it. By many of you, I mean that guy I bumped into on the train a year ago. Well, you stinky little man with small hands, screw you. We lasted a year and are going strong. And no, I didn’t forget the Garbage Dump’s one year anniversary. I’m just mad that Mink never takes me out anymore. The first few months were great, but since then I feel like he takes me for granted.

Anyway, in honor of our anniversary, I have put together a reading list of books I either wish existed or I want to write myself. Feel free to add your own. I already know “Anonymous” is going to add “This Blog Sucks But I Still Check it 6 times a Week.” And now, the list:

101 Things That Make Me Vomit

Why We Should Wash Our Hands After We Pee

10 Better Ways to Spend a Saturday Morning Than in Synagogue

The secrets of AOL IM: How to be someone youre not when talking to girls

Sweatpants: A Novel

Facial Hair - part two

When You're Hungry, You Should Eat

Secrets of Law School: Don't Go

Snood: Gross hair covering or addictive video game?

Candy is Better than Vegetables, No matter What Mom Says

I Started this Blog to Get Girls and its Just Not Working


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This Blog Sucks But I Still Check it 6 times a Day

9:08 AM  
Anonymous George said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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