Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Fun in the Snow

By Mink

So this week we have really gotten our first little sprinkling of frozen dandruff from the heavens. As I'm sure it does with a lot of you snow really has a warm place in my heart. I immediately associate it with school cancellations, hot chocolate, and Maculay Culkin's heartfelt reunion with the family that he made dissapear. Here are some of my favorite snowtime activities and memories:

The Snow Angel: The idea is to lay in the snow as you swing your arms and legs back creating an angelic looking impression in the snow. Am I doing something wrong? cuz mine always comes out looking more like a "snow tall-awkward man."

The Yellow Snow: Given the right circumstances everyone enjoys the thrill of the outdoor pee. Think about it all the shirts they make that say "I peed off niagra falls" or"I made the shallow end warm at Scott's Bar Mitzvah Pool Bash" (ok maybe they only made the latter one for me but you get the point). Anyway combine that great outdoor thrill with some pure white natural flakes, and I promise you, that you will impress all the kids in the neighborhood

The Snowball Fight: It's all fun and games till someone gets snow in their ear. I'm still traumatized by the sneak attack direct snow -to- face rubdowns.

Snow Skinny Dipping: For some reason the neighborhood gang never wanted to come outside when the brother and I played this way.

Snow Eating: Plain snow is wonderful but there is nothing better than the maple-syrup snow combo. A close second place goes to the iceicles from the bottom of cars which also make a fantastic icy treat. The issue with the ice-icle is how many hours or days after the fresh snowfall will you still eat them?I had a friend who prided himself as the kid who ate the iceicles even after they turned a blackish/brown shade with a heavy salty kick.

Sledding: Always was more of a disaster when the snowstorm would coincide with the olympics as I would attempt stunts such as, "the headfirst sled luge race" and "sled skiing"

(NOTE: My most tragic olympic imitation came when i attempted to mimic a kristi yamaguchi triple axel during an ice storm in 92 and had a busted lip for the rest of the winter.)


Blogger The Critics said...

I worship snow. Especially when school is cancelled. Then I can run around naked outside and nobody sees because they are all at work. Ha, suckers!

12:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not funny......

1:12 AM  
Blogger SINGERZ said...

Anonymous, I'm going to find out who you are. If it takes me the rest of my days, I will get you. You will be mine, oh yes, you will be mine (in the bad way not the good way).
P.S.- you never told me your HILARIOUS blog site, whats the web address, bitch?

1:40 AM  
Anonymous bamf said...

Shoots, I feel like such a poor deprived child. I was never allowed to eat the snow- something about acid rain... The result of having an overprotective mother who also happens to be a chemistry teacher.
(my first ever comment, so nervous! how'd i do?)

2:31 AM  
Anonymous spy said...

Anonymous is kind of funny. bmaf just kidding.

2:58 AM  
Anonymous spy said...

ehh, correction "bamf"....nothing like a good typo to ruin a bad joke.

3:02 AM  
Blogger F. Pants McFadden said...

Snow is outstanding if you are lucky enough to a) live in an apartment building and have nothing to shovel and b) walk to work. Other than that, we're not getting any time off for snow. Hell, even if you get a day off, you still have to do the damn work you would have done if there was no snow. So, basically I say F snow!

9:48 AM  
Blogger mink dawg said...

cant leave out the snow tunnels. these structures are clasics of the big time snow storms. if built strong and steady can last you till mid May.

1:40 PM  
Blogger BP Babe said...

anyone ever build an igloo? we did back in the day. my brothers told me to go inside it and the next thing i knew, it was caving in. accident? i think not...

3:55 PM  
Anonymous Slutty McWhore said...

Mink, i cant believe you left out making the snowman! A personal favorite of mine, is making that snowman juuuust over the border into "obscene" so the neighbors give you funny looks.
Good times.

Btw, totally unrelated-- what is the deal with men getting bigger ears as they get older? How nasty is that

9:11 PM  
Anonymous Botz said...

What I like best about snow is that it is soft and fluffy.

I liked going house to house with a friend after a big snowstorm asking to shovel driveways. But then after two hours of nothing (who can compete with the Russian with the snowblower?) we settle for jumping off 20 foot balconies into 3 feet of the fresh stuff.

Yeah, it's pretty for a day, but then it freezes up in the morning, and you slip on your ass running for the train. And then as it thaws, you can't cross a city street without stepping in a foot of grey slushie.

After 12"-14" of overnight snowfall (and 13"-15" in Nassau), you wake up to find that the towtrucks caked in your car and the guy parked in front of you dug his way out all over the hood of your ride.

Yes, we all built igloos. But have you ever made one with a chimney in your backyard, with the Jiffy Pop (c) cooking over the fire inside, and smoked out your neighbor's kitchen?? (I still don't know why their window was open in February!)

11:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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