Monday, November 21, 2005


By Mink

So I have 2 interviews today but I'm really not in the mood for the whole ordeal. I'm sick of looking for the magic bullshit catch phrases to turn someone on. It is the same reason I don't enjoy going on dates. So maybe I should just start being more like myself during these things. I bet a judge or fellowship professor is just dying to hire a ball-scratching, potty-mouthed kid who spends saturday nights dancing behind the food stand at the bowling alley with the 17 year old workers. Or maybe I should just bring my playstation along, people I know always seem to love having "next game."


Blogger The Critics said...

You should treat your interviews like dates, and your dates like interviews.

Example: [Interview] Interviewer: So, Mr. Minkove, tell me what most interests you about the law? Mink: Well, I hate law school, but I love the ladies. You're looking pretty today. What perfume are you wearing? Tell me what you're looking for in a guy, because I bet I can fulfill that dream. Can I call you Sally?

[Date] Mink: So, Laura, tell me what you like most about this firm? You know that we treat our 1L's like future associates and give them challenging tasks to complete.
Laura: What? But I'm an elementary school teacher...
Mink: I'm not liking this conservative slant on your resume. Your GPA is terrible too. What have you done that would make me want to bring you on as a member of our firm?
Laura: :::slap::: I'm leaving now.


11:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

At least you aren't subjected to a job where your main goal is to keep from falling asleep at your desk every day because you are in charge of database entry and shit work even though you have almost three years of law school under your belt...

10:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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