Thursday, May 31, 2007

Blogger Convention Part Deux: More Vegas Adventures

By Mink

As you should be able to gather from SingerZ's post last week, our blogger convention in Vegas was nothing short of glorious. As anyone who travels on business will tell you, the comps make it all worthwhile. So I am proud to say that we cleaned in the comp department on this trip.

While my cousin was slumming at the Wynn Hotel for a JP Morgan business trip, our famous little blog hooked us up with 3 nights free (albeit with the purchase of a higher priced flight on travelocity) at the arguably more glamorous Tropicana Resort. Even if the television was the same size as a Watchman I received as a Bar Mitzvah present and there was a trace of blood on my pillow cover, the Trop honestly was quite charming. Besides the hotel deal, the convention also managed to hook us up with comp peanuts on the airplane, a comp bikini mud-wrestling show, and best of all comp drinks at every casino 24-7! All this comping was great except that it kinda forced me into making such wise decisions as the 3AM Red Bull and Vodka.

Anyway here are the rest of the Vegas action shots:

From the moment we were given those comp peanuts we were treated like rock stars....These lovely blog babes greeted us at the airport to help us with our stuff and take us over to strip...I mean the strip.

Throughout the trip SingerZ loved getting overly chummy (yes I used that word) with inanimate objects and that is all I can say about this one. Ok I will say one more thing. My semi-straddle pose here just seemed logical at the time. And to explain that I must again make reference to Red Bull and Vodka.

The rest of these shots (and photos) were taken during a 30 minute stretch at the end of our last night. I will refer to this sequence as the Downward Spiral:

4 southern girls and the new Juris Doctor of love. This would have to be looked at as Zev's peak moment of the evening. But from here things did take a bit of a downward spiral.

After boring the ladies with the usual over-analysis of his poker exploits and law school stories, SingerZ watches the gals disapear into the bright Vegas night. And yes kids Zev is sitting down on the escalator here.

Mild depression sets in as SingerZ contemplates the one that got away. And obviously I am not referring to the ladies but rather his last hand of poker. And yes kids Zev is lying down on the escalator here.

After a rough 20 minutes SingerZ decides to call it a night as he dozes off alone in his bed at the Tropicana Resort.

Well this wraps up our trials and tribulations from Nevada. This rough patch aside, the Vegas Vaca was a great success (say it in Borat voice if you prefer) and with your financial support we plan on attending many more such conventions.


Blogger Jacob Da Jew said...

What blogger convention? you guys got comped 'cause you have a blog?

More info, please.

8:42 PM  
Blogger The Critics said...

When I am a rich lawyer, I shall (possibly, if you can find some contractual way to hold me bound by lack of consideration) finance many trips for this blog, simply because I must see more posts like this. Hilarious.

9:45 AM  

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